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Notes from the Cape is a visual novella series about the citizens of Cape Bottom Sail, an idyllic beach town and tourist destination. Episodes vary from slice of life, to cute and horny, to sincere and sweet. Expect some adult situations, nudity, and sex. This is an adults only series.

This package contains the following :

- Ep 01 - Pilot (A Farewell to... Jam?)
- Ep 02 - Cake and Ice Cream
- Ep 03 - Day of the Bull
- Image packs for episode 2 & 3

For more episodes check out the following sites:


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Notes from the Cape, Ep 1-3 298 MB


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I have a question, ep03 seem to be different from ep 01 and 02, how could I open the novel of ep 03

Apologies for the late reply. The labels for Episode 3 were accidentally switched, the Mac files are in the Win folder, and vice versa. Sorry for the confusion!

Quick question - is this series based on a specific irl location somewhere in Massachusetts? (You know the one.) (Just a curious passerby)

Yes a bit! it's inspired by numerous east coast towns and locations.